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Martial Arts Training After Fifty: When I was in my twenties martial arts training was an outlet tailor made for a young man who was well acquainted with hard exercise and who had a body that recovered quickly after extremely hard exercise. In my hometown of Fort Smith, martial arts schools were pretty abundant and I was able to work out extensively taking Taekwondo, as well as experiencing other martial arts training opportunities with friends from other styles.

At that age I was graced with seemingly endless energy and felt indestructible. But now, in my fifties, still in my home town of Fort Smith, martial arts training is a whole different world than back in the "good ol days".  Read more.......
Brief History of Fort Smith Martial Arts:  From memory, the history of significant Fort Smith martial arts schools started around thiry eight years ago (1972), when a young 28 year old police officer named Bob Ross developed a pretty significant martial arts school on the corner of Dodson and Towson avenues. Officer Ross, even at his young age had already developed a fearsome personal reputation around Fort Smith where criminal elements were concerned. His hard nosed martial arts style, Goju Kai Karate, as well as his own mindset, strength and ability, made Bob Ross a well known name in Fort Smith martial arts circles.

The first school was a bare knuckle, hard contact school typical of this style and this time in history. Throws, sweeps, takedowns, ground attacks, groin strikes and everything else imaginable in combat was allowed and taught in these schools. No surprise that the Towson Avenue Goju school kept the trail to Spark's hospital hot with broken jaws, noses and ribs.  Read more......