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The World Taekwondo Alliance Regional Tournament was held in Fort Smith, Arkansas on April 28th, 2012 - Hosted by Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy

The third year FSTA has hosted a tournament in Fort Smith resulted in the largest tournament yet. The participation and sportsmanship was off the charts as over 100 competitors representing 12 schools from 4 states displayed their martial arts skills.

The video is approximately 6 minutes long and progresses from opening, through preparation, forms, free sparring, continuous free sparring and closing shots. When you reach the continuous free sparring, be sure to take a deep breath, and hold on to something solid.
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2014 WTA Regional Taekwondo Tournament was hosted by Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy on April 26th, 2014 in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

This tournament was once again a return to the great traditional martial arts tournaments that have been absent from the region for decades. As always, the courtesy, sportsmanship, and respect exhibited showed the true value of martial arts.